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    工廠介紹/ Brand story

    C.A.R. Products (Complete Appearance Reconditioning Products) was founded in 1969 by Harry and Ruth Goldenberg and is now owned by DuBois Chemicals located in Sharonville, OH. We are part of the transportation cleaning chemical products division along with Blendco Systems a premium car wash chemical supplier.

    美國C.A.R.汽車護理品牌創立于1969年,創史人亨利??偛緿ubois 化學公司位于美國俄亥俄州的辛辛那提,是一家專業洗車化學品供應商。



    The C.A.R. car care brand founded in 1969, ChuangShiRen Henry. Headquarters Dubois chemical company located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a professional car wash chemicals supplier. Factory has advanced car hairdressing field chemicals production line, the research and

    development and production of professional car surface grinding repair, clean glazing care products, as well as the CARWASH washer exclusive blendco system of cleaning products, security environmental protection and efficient! Factories through ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, the original factory production and direct import to China.


    In 1991, Bob saw an opportunity for C.A.R Products to begin manufacturing their own brand of auto detailing supplies and carwash chemicals. Another opportunity came in 1999 for C.A.R. Products to manufacture their own line of auto detailing waxes, polishes, and compounds. Ultimately C.A.R Products has become a major manufacturer of cleaners for the auto detail, carwash, and vehicle fleet industries.



    The factory has advanced chemical production line in the field of Automobile beauty. It develops and produces professional automobile surface grinding repair, cleaning and polishing care products, as well as the cleaning product blendco system of carwash car washing machine, which is safe, environmentally friendly and efficient! The factory has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, the original factory in the United States and directly imported to China.

    工廠有先進的汽車美容領域化學品生產線,研發并生產專業的汽車表面研磨修復,清潔上光護理產品, 以及CARWASH洗車機專屬的清潔產品blendco 系統,安全環保高效!工廠經過ISO9001:2000質量管理體系認證,美國原廠生產并直接進口到中國。


    Presently, we are a major supplier of cleaning and vehicle care solutions to the detailing, car wash, and fleet industries on the entire East Coast, with distribution moving west. We also export our detailing products to many countries throughout the world.



    C. A.R. Products’ philosophy is to provide our customers with superior products at competitive pricing. We believe our customers deserve the very best. Thanks to our valued employees



    This dedication and perseverance has continued with the ownership of DuBois Chemicals as we continue to thrive and be successful

    在我們不斷發展和取得成功的過程中,我們在DuBois Chemicals繼續保持著這種奉獻精神和毅力。


    C.A.R. concept is a competitive price for customers to provide quality products! We believe our customers deserve the best, we respect the staff, for the dedication and persistence, only in the production of high quality cleaner. More quickly and save the car wash, it is our goal, to provide clients with professional service is our pursuit and unremitting efforts in the direction of the.

    C.A.R.的理念是以有競爭力的價格為客戶提供優質的產品! 我們相信我們的顧客應該得到更好的, 我們尊敬的員工,出于這種奉獻和堅持,只生產高質量的清潔劑。把車洗干凈,是我們的目標,為客戶提供專業的服務是我們的追求和不懈努力的方向。